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Follow Me, Little Lamb, is a heartwarming message that encourages the reader to receive the Shepherd's love, guidance, and protection. Simply written, the underlying truths are powerful and uplifting. This book ultimately draws the heart to the Savior and is one to read over and over again.


The Best Gift Ever! is designed to help children grasp at a young age the magnificence of God, the love and redemption of Jesus Christ, the validity of the Holy Bible and how to live in response to these truths. Its vivid word pictures and simple format make it easy for people of any age to recall Scriptural truths in understanding the ultimate meaning of life, experiencing a life lived with purpose, contentment, peace, and joy. The Best Gift Ever! is a book to be treasured by all families.


Through the use of the Fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23), A Princess Forever, encourages young ladies to live out these beautiful attributes, touching hearts, ultimately behaving in a manner reflective of her King. It’s simple poetic style, colorful illustrations, and application of Scriptural truths, make this book a keepsake to be enjoyed by girls and young ladies of all ages.


The things we see, hear, and experience, shape our impressionable, moldable hearts, ultimately developing people with character of strength or weakness.  This book’s playful design and inspiring text will capture the hearts of its readers to heed the warning, “Be careful what you see, hear, and experience, for so your heart will be and the person you will become!”


Do you struggle with unhealthy, negative emotions robbing your heart of peace and joy? God’s Word is our compass for life, our anchor, and sword for battle! Speak It Out! teaches how to use the Scriptures to conquer areas of defeat, live with hearts of praise, ultimately restoring our souls to wholeness. Bringing God’s Word to the forefront of our battles, we can experience victorious living, life to the full as Jesus intends for his people. (John 10:10) This handy resource book is the perfect size to carry and use whenever needed.


Filling our minds with God's Word allows the Truths of Scripture to become a part of us. Teaching children Bible verses alongside the letters of the alphabet is life changing. Using these memory cards, a preschooler can learn 26 verses in 26 weeks! Bless your children with the strength, power, peace, and joy that come from hiding God's Word in their hearts!

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