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7 Principles for Living Life with Passion, Purpose, and Victory


We are faced with daily challenges, Biblical standards are being compromised, our culture adheres to having no absolute truths, and spiritually, we are at war between good and evil. Cheryl creatively sheds light on seven principles to integrate into teaching and practice daily to live 

with passion, purpose, and victory!

Why Jesus?


We teach the magnificence of God, the salvation and redemption of Jesus Christ, the validity of the Scriptures; yet how do these truths fit into the big picture of life and why is Jesus truly the only way to the Father, God? 21 key words bring clarity to the minds of children providing a viable defense for their faith and applicable truths for everyday living.

 God's Spoken Word onto Victory!


Unhealthy emotions rob us of peace, joy, contentment, ultimately leading to one’s downfall. Strongholds grip the heart leading to defeat. Our victory is in Jesus and his Word! As we exercise God’s Word through prayer and speaking out the Scriptures, we will have the power, strength and confidence to conquer unhealthy emotions to victory!

Live, Dear Princess, as a Daughter of The King


Every girl loves to dream of becoming a princess! The truth of the matter is, as daughter of King Jesus one truly is a princess forever! Cheryl presents a heart-warming message for women and girls of all ages using the Fruit of the Spirit to inspire young ladies to live in a way that reflects their King.


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